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We have not been keeping track of money as of yet, but I would like to start doing that. Your characters have as of today, the second day of Spring, 746 IR:

- whatever cash your backgrounds specify
- plus the money you made the other night at the Fine Time
Arblaith: 2 crowns, 5 scepters
Elspeth: 2 scepters in wages and 6 more in tips (which you know was a phenomenal night)
- minus whatever you spent on drinks at the Fine Time (4 swords a drink, whether a mug of ale or a glass of wine)
- minus the 1 crown, 8 scepters you spent on room and board in Gordian last night, however you divide that up

You also have the ancient coins, gems, and potion from the rats’ nest, which you might have trouble spending in their current form but could take to a moneychanger and jeweler to sell.

You all have some source of income and are living according to some lifestyle as specified in the Players’ Handbook. We will reckon things by the month; multiply the daily lifestyle expense on p. 157 by 20 to come up with the monthly expense. You are free to specify both. At the moment I am assuming the following:

Arblaith is staying with a religious family who commonly takes in boarders who are charity cases at a reduced rent, which the church has been paying. Dr. Cornelius tells Arblaith that it is time for him to pay his own way, and it sounds like he has done a fine job finding himself a position at the Fine Time. Unless otherwise specified, he will be making 2 crowns a night, five nights a month at the Fine Time and paying a Poor lifestyle fee of 2 scepters a day (which in round sums will come to 4 crowns a month).

Elspeth is staying in a house adjacent to and owned by the temple because she works for the temple, so her lifestyle expense is paid in kind. She can work at the Fine Time the same five nights a month (the busy nights) for 4 scepters a night for spending money.

Immanuel lives with his family. His father has told him that this year he either needs to join the family business or move out. [I need to review what Michael has told me and we probably need to have a discussion about his situation.]

Theodoric has been getting 1d4+1 scribal jobs a month through his association with the Library at 2 crowns a job. Assuming he also lives in modest quarters in the Dwarven District, he is also paying 4 crowns a month for lifestyle expenses.


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