Return to Tepillien

Lutes and Mithril Coins, Sea Chanty Music

The party wisely left the coins and other loot in Arblaith’s capable hands, for safekeeping. Though they made a for very hard pillow.

Upon Elspeth’s suggestion, Arblaith distributed example coins to each researcher.

The unique silvery coin turned out to be mithril, a rare metal, never made into coins.

The coins with trees were from the Elven empire. The others, of alien make, initially were a mystery.

A shift captain from the City Watch named Oin approached Arblaith during his studies and requested help with intelligence gathering on criminal activity.

After some thought, Arblaith indicated that he was willing to take employment in the Blue Docks districts and inform to the Watch on those who are preying on the less fortunate. Arblaith also told the party’s story, but commented that it would be wise for the shift captain to get each individual perspective.

Elspeth, Immanuel, and Theodric (using this spelling format to emphasize/remember the requested pronunciation) proved amenable to the new employment with the Watch.

With Theodric watching his back, Arblaith secured bardic entertainment employment in an inn near the hermit district, narrowly beating out the prior holder of the position, a potted plant. The inn owner seemed like a legitimate businesswoman, a law and order type, but her uncle (or cousin) who tends bar is more “sketchy”.

Elspeth and Immanuel arrived later and started to circulate among the patrons of the inn, searching for information about organized or disorganized crime.

After reasonably good performances throughout the night, Arblaith turned in a virtuoso performance on his finale of sea chanties. While some of it might be the strong alcohol that Elspeth helped to serve (she took a job as a barmaid), the crowd went wild and Arblaith earned a large thank you prize from the owner.

Meanwhile, Theodric, Elspeth, and Immanuel had observed the crowd and had identified one person of interest: a depressed woman drinking alone (and drinking heavily). Theodric and Elspeth approached her, and in her new role of Barmaid, Elspeth finally broke through the woman’s shell and began to get the woman’s story.

Immanuel talked to other patrons about the crowd of rowdies who came in near the close of the evening. The Hermits, as they are called, are the local gang of barely competent toughs. Further south were the real law-enforcement problems, including the Blue Gang, which seems to get away with their crimes, indicating a potential sink of corruption within the Watch.

Theodric followed the woman of interest to ensure she made it home safely. She does, and he marked the store that she goes into for the night.

Elspeth went to the woman’s store and works on befriending her and helping her as much as possible; Elspeth found out that the woman is mourning her son, killed by plague, after he was found delirious with mysterious bite wounds (Rats???). The woman used to live on a farm, a fair distance to the north of the city.

After informing the city watch of the Hermits, the Blue Gang, and the potential corruption within the Watch, the party intends to investigate the woman’s farm, as it seems a promising lead in the hunt for these were-rats.


Def_Mornahan Horatius

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