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In the rat's nest

Teh coins on the floor are a combination of sizes and origins. They seem

2. 044 copper marked with arrows- bacxk of all elven coins was a sigil of two trees intertwined, a symbol of ancient elven empire.

50 silver pieces head marked with moon and stars common elven marking

10 silver-ish pieces heavier and marked with unicorn head.

10 gold pieces marked with a single tree

ELven cons have the universal sign of intertwined trees.

Alien coins all have a specific pattern of four raised stars. All seems random, no consistancy. Silver, gold, and silvery metal. Crisper edges then the others. Te other coins look lke they have been in ciculation, but these are so crisp.

100 Tails is seven stars,

10 more alien gold pieces with hexagon on the heads side and tails have the common sigil of

alien silver coin only one of them, very thin, and silvery. It iis very thin, very broad, and has all ruler and compass marks of making a compass. Is it a coin or it is a decorative piece?

Thin bronze chain with 4 shiny silver globes middle greenish stone red flecks cut into a flat oval.

2 loose prisms, hexago\nal. purplish grey and translucent.

also found opaque white bottle with one fluid once in it.

Red thick translucent liquid. Soft wax, and pliable

iI Torfrem’s m’s name we shall show our power…
…when you think best.

We later find out from the city watch representative that the one coin is electrum and the this, unique one is mithril.


Def_Mornahan jodie_amiot

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