Return to Tepillien

Out to Meet the Rats

Arblaith headed to bed a bit light-headed with the roar of the crowd still echoing in his mind. The next day it was still echoing…fairly painfully.

Elspeth gathers some things that could kind of sort of use mending from her and her aunt’s pile and takes them down to see the woman who had been drinking alone in the corner. Her name is Emira and she tells her sad story about the son who died with some sort of red spots from a rash…plague?…and speaking deliriously about rats. Her former farm was north of Gordian, a village north of the border keep on River Road.

Elspeth gathers the party to share this info. It is the last day of Winter. An attempt to share the info with the watch shift captain Oin is temporarily rebuffed because it is the weekend. The party decides to head out to the village the following day and investigate. Elspeth notifies Grora, who takes her and the party the following morning to meet Balin, the temple’s treasurer. The temple does have two silvered weapons, an axe and a mace, for dealing with lycanthropic emergencies, and Balin accepts the jewels from the rats’ nest as a deposit for the weapons.

Arblaith leaves 20 crowns with a weaponsmith as a deposit for him to start crafting a silvered whip. This will be an unusual challenge…

The party heads out on the first day of Spring to Gordian and reaches it about 3 pm. Each of the four tries their luck at gathering information about any strange animals or other occurrences, and Arblaith and Elspeth hear a rumor about coyote-sized animals…pointed noses? long tails?…running around farms to the northwest.

Deciding it is too late in the day to try investigating the widow’s abandoned farm, the party piles into the village’s bed-and-breakfast, run by a matronly woman who is a bit surprised to have not only custom, but four unrelated people staying in her inn for the night. (She is even more surprised when Arblaith begins singing and playing the lute before supper, something that has happened exactly never in all her years of letting rooms out.) She only has two rooms, 5 scepters (sp) a night. She asks 2 scepters apiece for supper for the night. Over supper, the party inquires more about the widow’s story. After she left, her son’s decayed body was found about a month later, people realized that Emira and her son hadn’t been seen in a long time, and they realized what had happened. This was the beginning of last summer. The talk of strange animals running around was going on even before that, so basically a year now. One of the matron’s daughters pipes up that Tommy has seen lights and heard noises at the widow’s old farm at night and thought it was haunted.

The party breakfasts (on the house this time) and heads out to the widow’s former farm. It is a twisty and narrow path around a number of rocky ledges to get down there from the road north of Gordian. About 9:30 they reach the abandoned farmstead to investigate. Preliminary examination reveals:

- There is a pile of furry white and gray and black giant rat bodies snuggled together and sleeping in the middle of the barn.
- Elspeth uses Detect Evil to identify the presence of a being with a defined connection to evil in the house. (Rats are, for the record, unaligned.)

More information is in the adventure’s chat log.


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