Return to Tepillien

Where rats wander...

"We've been tromping through the nests all day, do dah, do dah!"

Major work in progress: come back later please!!

70th day of winter

Athos is hosting a tournament and invited the clergy of Sammas and a variety of friends to spectate

Last fight was between Manny and Arblaith.

Some poor sap came running through the streets, bleeding and complaining about giant rats.

Athos lost no time in hurrying all of his students over to the basement of the nearby warehouse, where there were indeed quite a number of giant rats.

Upon entering, we saw that the room’s column was tenuous at holding up the whole building.

Rats started pouring into the room, and our group was separated from the other group of the teachers. We held our own and fought off the awful critters.

The scariest part was discovering that there was a were rat leading the horde.

When severely pressed, the were rat ran through a hole in the wall.

This hole led down into a long-disused sewer with several blocked passages. There were two ants guarding a possible ant nest entrance as well as two skeletons in a patch of magical darkness in front of another tunnel collapse. The wererat was holed up behind a pit trap and a secret door that hid a strange round room with soot on the walls and rat filth all over the floor. In the filth was a small treasure trove of unusual coins, a few semiprecious gems, a white porcelain vial, and a note soaked with rat feces with only a few words legible.


Def_Mornahan Def_Mornahan

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