Church of Sammas

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Church of Sammas

The central feast of the Sammas calendar is the midsummer feast of the Apparition to Daeron. A fast is held over the waning step of the second month of Summer and the waxing step of the following month to recall the exile and wandering in the Jungle, followed by the feast of the Apparition, which celebration is extended over the rest of Summer. The last day of Summer is the feast of the Founding of the Temple in Papsin.

The Cult or Church of Sammas has a parallel hierarchy of celibate and married clergy. Celibate clergy are required for all the central liturgies. They focus on theology, preaching, healing, and other forms of magic. Most take vows of nonviolence after several years of service, and many take vows of obedience to one of several religious orders with special charisms.

Women cannot be celibate priestesses; there is no such thing, but many pursue the path of prayer, contemplation, and also healing, teaching, and magic either as individual hermitesses and anchorites or as part of their own religious orders. It is considered a noble and proper thing for widows to take up this path of life after their youngest children are mostly grown.

Married clergy focus on the material support of the church and taking leadership roles in the community. Many lords in Upper Papimic are also married clerics. Paladins of Sammas are typically included in the church structure as married clerics.

The High Priest is one of the celibate clergy. He is assisted by three High Vicars, who are married clergy, and seven High Almonesses, who are female religious. The High Vicars in particular advise him on his duties toward the state, such as convoking the Grand Assembly.

Church of Sammas

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