Dwarven Quarter

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Notable People

  • Bolger the Broad, Most Secure of the Guild of Locksmiths and Council member
  • Fror, High Priest of Sammas
  • Eldrid (an abjurer), the Librarian
  • Cornelius son of Clovis, half-dwarf, bard and scholar
  • Torfrid, a Lower Papimican exile and famous satirist (Salinans don’t have much sense of humor)
  • Meredor the Bold, Hallkeeper of the Blacksmith’s Guild
  • Grora, Almoness of Sammas
  • Nain, Watchmaster of the Dwarven Quarter
  • Ori, Oin, Bofur, Shiftmasters of the Watch
  • Vigrid, diviner, scribe, and scholar

Dwarven Quarter

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