Return to Tepillien

Because Theodoric Might Have Been Feeling Left Out

Interrogations Not As Expected

The party interrogated a thug, probably hired from the lowly Hermits gang, hired by a water elementalist to help her break into and recover Olfric’s letter from Theodoric’s apartment. The thug didn’t know much, but eagerly volunteered to have his fellows round up more information and deposit it at the Fine Time, an arrangement later confirmed with Shiftmaster Oin of the watch, who suggested that a plainclothes officer could pick up intel on Arblaith’s behalf from the landlady of the Fine Time when Arblaith is out of town.

Contrary to the DM’s expectations, Theodoric’s tactic for interrogating the water monk Hydrona directly was to kill her with kindness. He made her tea and chatted quite affably, which confused her for a while, until he provoked her rather unrestrained blusterous nature by slipping her a copy of a decoded cultist letter about the Crystal of Water rather than Olfric’s letter. She went on a bit about how the waterbenders were allied with and probably controlling the cultists, that they did indeed have the Crystal of Water and were now unbeatable, and they would find the Crystal of Fire and lock it away somewhere the sun don’t shine. Eventually she gave away that her master killed Olfric and was after Theodoric’s sister Alexa.

After depositing Hydrona in the long arms of the law, the party asked Elspeth’s superior Grora the Almoness for help, who led them to Vigrid the Diviner. After waking the old man up, he consented to take Theodoric on a magic carpet ride dream journey to find Alexa…if she were still alive.

In fact, she was alive, on the lam not far from her old home. Theodoric confronted her in a strange dream on a foggy island. After Theodoric prompted her with a piece of data from Olfric’s letter, she indirectly interpreted the sticky passage to refer to someone named Dercas, who apparently is on an island. She then became suddenly worried that waterbenders might be spying on her even in her dreams, and her parting with Theo was awkward to say the least.

Theo awoke in Vigrid’s guest bed, Vigrid laboring to hold down his supper after using his seeing magic to transport Theo over 1700 miles. It’s now after midnight and a new day, 10 Draco, will dawn in another couple of watches.

Where is Immanuel, anyway? The remaining party members wonder as they lay down for some much needed sleep and contemplate investigating the mine that claimed the lives of Elspeth’s uncle and cousins.


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