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Campaign & Dungeon Recap

Setup for session 4 of 4, Dungeon of Madness

The city of Thornlin and a lot of western Bapsia is threatened by some sort of alliance between the cultists of Torfrem, the god of disease, and wererats. The party tracked down a wererat in her lair out in the country and found five letters in progressively more difficult ciphers that gave some specifics about what was going on. They also conducted investigations in a variety of public houses in Thornlin’s Bluedocks district, where Arblaith has gained minor fame as the most talented bard that performs sea chanteys and other music at the Fine Time.

As of early August in real world terms, the DM had these status reports:

  • Theodoric had received a letter from his deceased master Olfric, which contains some allusions that he has not completely deciphered, but does hint that something is happening that involves the legendary Crystals of the Elements.
  • Immanuel had not quite cracked the fifth letter’s cipher.
  • The alcoholic woman that Elspeth has befriended has had a relapse after a spate of nightmares about her son and wererats.
  • Ruby fever cases, which the party has tentatively linked to the Torfrem cult, are being reported out on the Thornlin moors. The Foremost of Thornlin is organizing healers and watchmen to bring relief and investigate.
  • The party has gotten hold of an old sewer map that shows an outfall in the Iron Bog, east of the city. Consideration of elevations shows that the old elven sewer, from a city that died long before humans and dwarves came to this continent, and where the very first wererat had his lair, is now below sea level and probably had an outfall deep below the present surface of the Iron Bog.

At that point, the watch brought an urgent message seeking adventurers to investigate some very sinister flocks of bats that have begun flying over Thorlin’s west border station for a few nights running. The party followed the bats’ flight pattern across the Drip River to the frozen wasteland Bapsians call South-of-Beyond. They found and cleared out an ancient elven fire tower that had been converted to a cultist mosquito-breeding operation, took a wererat prisoner, and found secret correspondence and the rules to crack the fifth letter’s code after killing its owner, a sort of plague antipaladin.

After reading the correspondence and interrogating the wererat, they realize they hit the outpost while its dark druid head, Kleck, was at a summit meeting with his higher-up, Geshkin. Goda the wererat does not know Geshkin’s location.

The correspondence also mentions a dungeon of some kind, an old mine further southwest into the tundra, that the cult was considering using for something. The party moved to investigate, and that brings us to the current day in the game world:

7th day, 2nd month, 746 Quaran Imperial Reckoning

The dungeon so far has included:

  • Cockatrices and cockatrice eggs.
  • A goblin sent as part of a very unlucky scouting party, and what the hell are goblins involved with this for?
  • A big room full of skeleton miners.
  • Several old mine shafts with rotted elevators, and one with a gelatinous cube.
  • An illusionary hallway that had trapped two adventurers, and an illusionary room with a trap.
  • A boulder that can just barely talk…


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