Return to Tepillien

Conference after Vampire Attack

The adventure begins in Thornlin on Ricors afternoon of Draco.
It’s still the day after Kayra’s ambush.
Arblaith spent the night talking to his father Tsang Ji.
Elspeth just finished her conversation with her aunt Katarine.
The party is gathered at the Library after the noon meal discussing what to do next.

There were three existing options on the table:
1) Finish deciphering that allusion in Olfric’s letter.
2) Investigate the collapsed mine…but Jodie/Elspeth came away from her conversation with Katarine thinking it wasn’t that urgent.
3) Investigate the sewers…but Matt/Arblaith doesn’t want to directly confront the Watch Overseer or directly bend/break his oath not to investigate on their own.

Two more were mooted in the course of the discussion:
4) Could try finding Kayra’s probably well-guarded hiding place, or other details about the Meatheads’ connection to Girifrian organized crime. (mentioned by Tsang Ji)
5) Could try investigating the Watch Overseer, Netschman, himself. (mentioned by Athos)

Aramis volunteers to use his own skills and resources to look into whether Netschman is hiding something shady. Athos decides to help him. [The party has sensed that Aramis is recruiting Athos to join his NGO, the Loyal Troop, and Athos is responsive.]

Arblaith expresses enthusiasm about tracking down his mother’s coffin and entanglements, although it’s clear from what the party already knows and what Tsang Ji can tell them about Girifrian gangs that she will be resting somewhere impossible for the PCs to frontally assault even with a few NPCs to assist.

Tactics were discussed. Tsang Ji informs the party that, in game mechanics terms, radiant damage and holy water interfere with vampire regeneration. Arblaith and Elspeth have means of dealing radiant damage, so it was suggested that Theodoric and Immanuel should probably stay paired with one of them.

The party has some cash and may find this a good opportunity to upgrade weapons and armor, which some characters have probably not changed from their level 1 equipment. Also important to stock:
- Holy water. 4 vials of holy water at 25 gp eaches were suggested as the party’s baseline, with more to be purchased prior to any actual intended confrontation with vampires.
- Silver weapons could still be useful, as the threat from wererats has not gone away.

Since it has been established that the party could be mugged on the street, the DM requested full information on what the characters planned to do and where to go (in particular, when they visited their lodgings and any shops) for the remainder of Ricors afternoon and whether and under what circumstances they intended to return to the Fine Time for Arblaith’s scheduled performance that night.

If possible, please have character sheets updated here on Obsidian Portal.

Dice will be rolled in anger next session. Scout’s honor. The next session is tentatively set for 6 pm on December 17.


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