Return to Tepillien

Immanuel Goes to Girifrid

Date: night of 12-13 Draco, 746 IR (3 nights after Theodoric’s dream ride to see his sister)

Immanuel, his ship slowed by contrary winds, finally makes it to Girifrid and sees the city go by under the moonlight.

Encounters a nobleman semi-undercover (allied with Loyal Troop)
Fight with stray dog, Immanuel uses vicious mockery, companion takes him to be a bard(esque)
Asks if Immanuel is in the Troop
Introduces himself as Lord Tonan Iglanova
Immanuel gives him his name but not his district (conceals that he’s actually from Thornlin)
Tonan gives locations of the Shrine of Sammas (south bank) and Temple of Kacha
Names one Leola, a scribe in the Quaran/merchant district and a frequent attendee at the Temple of Kacha, as a point of contact for the Troop
Immanuel asks for lodging; Tonan advises asking at the Shrine or going north

At the Prince’s Gate, Immanuel tells them his name and gives his business as visiting acolyte of Sammas


Def_Mornahan Def_Mornahan

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