Return to Tepillien

The end of the Mines / Crimson Caverns & Malathemnon

At the end of the long and winding dungeon, the party ambushes and overcomes a mighty zombie remorhaz. They slip past its prone form and enter the presence of Malathemnon himself, an ancient elven wizard from a forgotten time that meddled in powers too perverse for mortals (to say nothing of making his dwelling in a dungeon filled with toxic mineral fumes). Behind him was the pool of blood where he hid his awful creation: the Orb of Animation. With a blow from the adamant hammer they found, Elspeth puts an end to this thing before it can get into the wrong hands; and the party now knows the secret place where the cult of Torfrem thought they could hide the Crystal of Water.

It’s still beyond belief that they could actually HAVE the Crystal of Water, but that story remains to be told…


Def_Mornahan Def_Mornahan

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