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Vishi - Intrigue & Trial

A Shitty Place To Live, but You Wouldn't Want To Visit

Date: 12-13 Draco

While talking to Mederro, the party is accosted by most of the rest of the village population, including the other two Jurors – Thytainet, a sneering middleaged man who takes an instant dislike to the party, and Jenetkan, a grumpy oldster, who apparently carries authority because of his age. The party, being lawful and about as peaceable as PCs can afford to be, agrees to stay the night in the town, their weapons in safekeeping at the shrine of Palion. The cleric suggests playing up the party’s strained relationship with Thornlin’s officers of state because Jenetkan particularly despises the Foremost, Liseli.

At night, Juror Mederro sneaks in to talk with them. Intel is dished on the guards at the mine, the layout of the mine as he remembers it, the names (Barbuosen and Jethshekad) of the ranking managers the mine owner sent to run the place while it was still, you know, running, and corroboration of the timeline of events at the mine that led up to Tobias’ tragic death. Theodoric, always (ahem) fiery, proposes that the party will agree to a trial by “combat” and go to the mine to get answers for the town…or fail to come back, as the gods see fit.

The trial goes off as well as might be expected. Under a zone of truth spell, the party outlines the summit meeting in Thornlin, causing Jenetkan to consider them differently, but also apparently arousing additional ire, distrust, and hatred from Thytainet. They then describe the bandit attack and their restraint in dealing with it. The mineland brigand they captured does a pretty lame attempt on his own to make the party sound like the aggressors. Mederro asks the senior Jurors their opinions; Thytainet is resolute that the party deserves punishment, but Jenetkan is not. Mederro then recounts the proposal of trial by combat, and Jenetkan agrees. In a cold, lethal huff, Thytainet gathers a couple of cronies and sweeps out of the common house.

The party collects their weapons from the shrine and sets off…


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