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Long, long ago, in a mysterious world called Tepillien…

Episode II: Return to Tepillien

The land of Bapsia is a place of great culture, intrigue, heroism, and villainy. Extending from the tropical Jungle of Neldar in the north, it reaches the very edge of the Dismal Ice at the southern end of Quarelis. The port town of Thornlin, at the mouth of the cold Drip River, is the last outpost of humanity. South of the river is the cold, freezing plain the Bapsians call South-of-Beyond.

Four friends…well, acquaintances…live in Thornlin in the prosperous Dwarven Quarter. At first glance they are a motley crew: A dwarf soldier woman who gave up her career in the artillery to become a cleric. A scholarly monk from the distant northern mountains, seeking knowledge in this quiet place. An apprentice, perhaps the least bookish bard ever and fresh out of bard camp, who less than a year ago was an urchin on the streets of the great city of Girifrid. And the scion of a quiet, ordinary merchant family whose love for reading may be leading him to a life quite extraordinary—and terrifying.

Notes on Upper Papimic, the Church of Sammas, and Elspeth’s home town. Units and Calendar in Bapsia.

Main Page

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